TMR, Inc. is a multi-dimensional marketing research organization founded in
1985ad. Originally, TMR operated as a telephone data collection company, but has
since expanded to cover all facets of quantitative and qualitative data collection.
This ranges from simple MAIL surveys to sophisticated WEB-based studies. We
are committed to a cost-effective consultative approach maintaining the highest
standards of integrity.

Meet TMR

1. Leadership
Our top management offers years of experience in all facets of marketing research. Continuing academic training keeps us abreast of the latest in research techniques and technology. Most importantly, senior management stays personally involved with your project from start to finish.

2. Quality-Control
A multi-talented supervisory group and a bright, energetic interviewing staff are well trained and highly motivated. We do it right the first time and get it done on time. We anticipate and avoid problems.

3. Competitive Price
"Quality work at competitive prices" was our first, and continues to be, our most important objective. We believe that quality research, utilizing a combination of leading edge technology and common sense, can be conducted at a reasonable price. At TMR, quality work and competitive pricing are truly compatible objectives.

The real key to success is our staff.
It's our people that make the difference.



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